Getting Started


What Do I (Patient / Therapist) Needs

Send in patient demographic and insurance card (if available)
  • D&J Compression can now find referring physician to send letter of medical necessity
  • D&J Compression can now verify benefits
Send patient’s medical/evaluation notes that state the patients diagnosis. You can send this to us as early as possibly as long as its states the patients diagnosis in the notes.
  • D&J Compression can get further justification for authorization
  • D&J Compression needs this before placing an order
Send Order Consent Form or Check Benefits Form
  • D&J Compression needs the Check Benefits form so that we can see if the patient has any insurance coverage followed by the Order Consent form to place the order.

An experienced fitter will be available to help trouble shoot difficult cases as well as help with product knowledge to improve patient compliancyContact Us